several of my electronic jamz on Soundcloud

After realizing that composing was not my forte, I decided to focus on improvisation/jamming, experimentation, and creating new and unique textures. Here are some things grabbed directly from my Korg Electribe ESX-1 sampler+sequencer (pictured above) as I played them, recorded into ProTools LE. If you know me, it goes without saying that these are meant to be heard through headphones or something that can reasonably reproduce frequencies :]

[if you see a bunch of white rectangles below, give the page several seconds—sometimes a lot of Soundcloud embeds need some time to load]

House by dguzzo

Starter by dguzzo

Evolv by dguzzo

Neonzzz by dguzzo

some extended experiments:

11-23-11 jam by dguzzo

I’ve built up dozens and dozens of these “patterns,” and while I prefer to play them live, loud, and in the presence of friends, I’ll probably record and upload quite a bit more here just as a digital notebook. After that, I’m going to use what I have as a launching off point on a new batch of tracks that are more thought-out and focused, in addition to utilizing some more MIDI for both control and performance.

sick static

part 2: may 12 2011:

semantic static, tic-toc’ing its way into my past-present. its static?! it’s(sic) static! statis phases patiently promulgating latent mazes of intelligent wonder logic—~~~> great grazes upon verdant carafes of tannin sippage; tumble down into bouts of mended sewage for lack of gutter habits. pretend i’ve known the tragic, the tragic; come, medic, mediate my laugh magic. i don’t do quite so well in this now catalogued angst fuck-bust; earth is a pile of fascicratic war savage, is, be, we, you, me… queasy n’ free?

[this is about existing, that’s all.]

Bird Guest

I don’t normally post individual works, but I ended up liking the transformation of this one so much that I had to give it some extra attention. Staying at a rented house in Sonoma with a number of family members the night before a big family wedding, I got the kids room, which contained: kid-friendly wallpaper, a crib, one of those weird beds that has drawers under it, entirely way too many pillows for either function or decoration, and a lingering sense of innocence. Also there were several stunning works of mixed-media art on the walls, and I was enraptured by them. Here’s an untreated photo of one of the other ones:

As I found out later, while perusing the lovely Dog-Eared Books on Valencia St. in San Francisco, the bird cut-outs were the work of Charley Harper. I saw of a book of postcards by him simply entitled “Birds” and I thought instantly: “I know that bird.” And sure enough I did, and now do better than ever.

Here’s another that was on the wall that was keeping me company while sleep approached:

The original, non-Photoshopped version is below. While stunning in person, my photograph of it somehow did not capture its energy. For the modified version at the top of this post, I added some texture, manipulated the value curve, did some burning & dodging, and even got into the nitty-gritty-pixely level for a few micro-touchups.

Final result:

bird guest