San Francisco clouds

Rare that we get clouds like this in San Francisco:

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There are a handful of reasons I want to visit Ireland some day soon, but right up near the top is the language.

Name your towns right, countries, and I will tour you.

ireland map

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Jon Hopkins – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Thanks to Mike for the tip.

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shine by lee (asano+ryuhei)

What you should be listening to:

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An introduction to the political views of Thomas Hobbes

Taking a break from modern day analysis for some deeper cuts. Reflecting on some Hobbes via lecturer Steven B. Smith:

“Conflict and war are primary, peace is derivative.”

And also “The will to contend” and how we’re basically always at war, even when we’re not.

Available in better quality from
Lecture 12 – The Sovereign State: Hobbes, Leviathan – Steven B. Smith

(under terms of: Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives (CC-BY-ND))

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Christopher Hitchens – The Axis of Evil – 2005

Wish I had had this parcel of knowledge dropped on my doorstep in 2005.

The original video is sourced to TVO, of which I’m a proud supporter.

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