Christopher Hitchens – The Axis of Evil – 2005

Wish I had had this parcel of knowledge dropped on my doorstep in 2005.

The original video is sourced to TVO, of which I’m a proud supporter.

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To spout a cliché, “There’s nothing civil about civil war.”

But there’s nothing productive about saying as much and then not suggesting improved, updated nomenclature.

My submission: “autowar.”

n. a war between citizens of the same country.

It’s more succinct, more pithy—it has enough memetic ring to it to lead it to general adoption.

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St. George Absinthe Verte

St. George Absinthe label image

Welp, I’m back on the Absinthe train. And oh how good it feels.

It took an introduction to Hemingway’s drink, Death in the Afternoon, made with St. George Absinthe Verte, to get me back, but what a way to come back!

Note the particularly classy label, a monkey hitting a cowbell with a bone. My friend told me that the original design called for a monkey hitting a skull instead of a cowbell, but due to legal reasons they had to change it. Good choice, fellas.

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Outside of an anthropocentric outlook, speciesism is a more serious issue than racism or sexism; it affects immensely more beings. Fixing the former may help fix the latter (a top-down approach), though vice versa may be true—a bottom-up approach is also viable.

I feel I need to revisit Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation at some point.

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Nomenclature confusion

“Nomenclature confusion” seems a prevalent phenomenon in the web industry. From founding to branding to naming variables, new names for things are always needed, and increase the opportunity for ambiguity*. I call this the “What-do-I-call-this” conundrum.

New names can lead to greater specificity, but this isn’t a given.

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turned onto via my friend Danny, check it (—noname— by lee (asano+ryuhei)) for some genre mashing:

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