Susan Cain – The Power of Introverts – TED2012

Susan Cain is so inspiring.

I read her book, Quiet, in 2013 and nearly every page spoke to me. Not only is she a powerful writer, but she is quite the public speaker, despite acknowledging that being up in front of a large TED audience is not her “natural milieu.”

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Pitchfork’s persistence

I rarely read Pitchfork anymore, but I’m glad they’ve persisted despite so much flak. They employ live-and-breathe-music staff who write features and reviews with intelligence. Reading intelligent thought—regardless of how much I myself agree with it, how flashy it is, or how “correct” it may be—is never boring. How you relate to the opinions—submission to anger, championing, frustration, stimulation, confusion—can be metered and mixed to describe, adjust, and/or hone how the piece in question relates to you.

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Yogic direction

Excited to announce that I’ve entered into a 200-hour immersive yoga teacher training program at Yoga Garden San Francisco that takes place mostly throughout October!

While my immediate goal is not to teach, this will help set me on that path if/when I’m ready. The primary goal for me, then, is to deepen the physical practice while learning yogic philosophy, anatomy, meditation and breath work.

Yoga, in the small and sometimes medium doses I’ve experienced it, has, in my opinion, made me a better person; I’m curious to see who comes out the other side of immersion.

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I need to practice practicing

I find I’m lacking practice in my life. Yoga practice, guitar practice, programming practice, practicing material I’ve recently learned (for retention), practicing a 2nd language, practicing random acts of kindness; all sorts of practice. I think a lecture on Marxism as “a Philosophy of Praxis” that I watched recently, along with a couple of talks given by Jordan Peterson (here and here), have really thrust the notion of practice to the front of my purview.

Practice can be fun, and even when it’s not, knowing that it’s crucial to improvement should be enough to motivate me to do it.

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Marx’s Theory of Historical Materialism

I’ve been going through this Yale “Foundations of Modern Social Theory” course, and this is the best lecture so far. This lecture has taught me more about Marx’s ideas & theories than I’d known up to this point. And while I don’t know nearly enough to consider myself a Marxist by any stretch, my appetite for more has been whetted and I’m glad there are two more remaining lectures in the course on Marx.

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San Francisco clouds

Rare that we get clouds like this in San Francisco:

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