Running list of pinned tweets

Basically my own favorite tweets that I’ve pinned at one time or another. Here is their graveyard. Visit them, plz.

If it bends, it’s funny. If it breaks, it’s not.

Michael Ian Black is one of my favorite comedians. His stand-up. Stella. The excellent MATES (Mike and Tom Eat Snacks). His books My Custom Van and You’re Not Doing It Right.

And of course, his Twitter:

What to expect if you engage him without knowing his character:

Another riposte:

The coup de grâce:

It’s a statement that reminds as it divides: if you haven’t gone through it, don’t bother reacting. And if you have, the exaggeration is contextualized, enhancing the comedic effect. A confident tightrope dance that few could pull off.

These tweets are an eon ago in Internet years, but still one of my favorite examples of how a talent showcases their nuanced comedic skill through brevity and conversational dynamism. This is organic comedy on a (relatively) new medium, informed by the skills that stand-up comics, especially, must hone over years and years and gig after gig. And of course, this interaction includes dealing with hecklers, other comedians (or wannabe comedians), and irate standers-by.

Everyone is free to @ reply Michael on Twitter. Just know what you’re getting into.