Ardbeg – Uigeadail

A couple of months back, I was initiated to Ardbeg’s Uigeadail. I was preparing to go to a Scotch & Chocolate tasting house-party, a not untypical activity in San Francisco. After 10 or so minutes of perusing the Scotch section of a choice shop, I spotted its dark, mysterious bottle at Cask at 3rd & Market in San Francisco, and I couldn’t resist; it was to be my evening gambit.

I’m going to leave out the middle bit—the tasting, the party, the good times. Those matter, but they matter to me and this post isn’t about me, it’s about the Uigeadail. This post is about my conclusion, which is encapsulated in the way in which I describe and think of Uigeadail: as dragon whiskey. If you want insight into breathing fire & brimstone, take a swig. Season with water to match your dragonic desire.

And now their Corryvreckan is on my radar. Perhaps I need a portmanteau of “uh-oh” and “hmmm.”

Feature image via Rob Gallop

Blends 10 – Portraits

My first foray into human subjects being featured in my digital compositions. I always calls these types of works “blends”, because at their core is the mashing of pixels, layering one image on top of another, and telling the software how to take a variety of RGB inputs and spit out just one pixular output.

Here are some of my friends & family. The raw material for each piece came from things (and people) I photographed in or around San Francisco. I enjoyed this process so much that there’s guaranteed to be more to come!










Older Blends series (sans humans):

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the san francisco gravity

when i first moved to san francisco, i had a loose plan to stay for a few months or so and then travel to Europe for an indefinite period of time.

i’ve now been in this city for approximately thirty months. the reasons for this may be varied and complex, or, sans deconstruction, it may just be one overarching reason, and it might be really simple. i haven’t figured it out yet. and i caution myself to think about the future in the past tense, to try and anticipate the reflection as to why i’ve stayed here so long. but that’s a contrivance built on assumptions and other artifice. so, while it’s not easy practice for me, i am living in the moment. as if san francisco were a time.

but there are forces at work here, of attraction and repulsion. with me as an agent of the scenario, and the city as an agent; but the city as a place and a time. but if the city encapsulates me, if i help to compose it, to what degree is there a separation? and are the forces just acting upon themselves? can they act on themselves, as some sort of positive feedback loop?

looks like i’ve thought myself into a corner. just so happens that it came out onto a wordpress page. i want to end with ‘how ho-hum,’ but honestly it yielded a short bit of enjoyment. now’s the time (four feet away is the place) to go explore those corners in dreamland, where they may not be so cornered after all.

Feature image via my Flickr

Typography Stroll: The Richmond

My first photo-stroll in a while. This particular one—around the Inner and Mid Richmond district(s)—was was embarked upon with my friend Sterling, and my self-imposed focus was on typography. This comes from a somewhat new interest in typography itself, as I’ve been much more aware of it with my own forays into web design & development, not to mention having recently watched a little film called Helvetica.

I was hoping to capture a number of hand-written signs, whether chalk, paint, or some other medium, but did not find as many as I was hoping. But as the sun got lower and lower, persistence paid off in the form of plenty of other signage and the occasional deviance to capture some texture or object.



















This is actually only a small portion of my haul for the day, as while some of the types/fonts were interesting in themselves and would work well as inspiration in other projects, I didn’t necessarily feel my photos of them were particularly special, which is what I prefer to post here on telecommute.

I’m hoping to do another such stroll sometime soon, with a different district for destination. And of course, an ulterior motive for this collection is for ripe source material to be used in blend_z__z__z_.