I need to practice practicing

I find I’m lacking practice in my life. Yoga practice, guitar practice, programming practice, practicing material I’ve recently learned (for retention), practicing a 2nd language, practicing random acts of kindness; all sorts of practice. I think a lecture on Marxism as “a Philosophy of Praxis” that I watched recently, along with a couple of talks given by Jordan Peterson (here and here), have really thrust the notion of practice to the front of my purview.

Practice can be fun, and even when it’s not, knowing that it’s crucial to improvement should be enough to motivate me to do it.

Yoga Has Taken My Rudimentary Skateboarding Ability to a Whole New Level

That part of your practice when you’re learning balance, and you’re maintaining longer than you’ve ever maintained, by a strong margin, and you notice this personal record and become overly-aware of yourself, and you begin to falter as a result of such; broken concentration by something unexpected. And you stumble, but this time you catch yourself at the brink, where you would’ve given in and fallen before, and you don’t fall, instead pulling yourself back up, utilizing strengths you didn’t know you had.

And then you dig deeper into yoga, towards application and conversion of the physical activity into a mental approach—where realization starts to crack at the habitual negative that no one is entirely without—that presents itself for you to utilize, and to start applying at will in virtually every situation.

Reality’s parts include variables, effects, and thresholds. Knowing that those thresholds can be set, for example, inches higher, seconds shorter—simple dimensions increased or decreased by even small magnitudes—and that you yourself can set those thresholds and bring your ideals into parity with your actions is… tremendously empowering.