you immigrate to
likewise, you emigrate from
s’all you need to know


[i’m ambivalent towards haikus, but i still write them. this newest, entitled “haiku.io”, comments on the (suitable) use of .io as a top-level domain but also on the important and increasingly-emerging paradigm of reality as a process.

a seedling poem, planted as mnemonic device for myself, waiting now to have it crystalize or whatever it is that plants do when metaphorized.]

Listen to me read this poem out loud:

Rent-open Raspberries

“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.”
Flannery O’Connor

This quote has been on my mind lately, despite never having read any Flannery O’Connor (I know I know, I should). Not only do I like this line for what it means, but I like it for how it was said/written/thought. Anyways, I put pen to paper for the first time in a while to get down what I was thinking. Or trying to think. Call it a poem or just a collection of words, here it is:

with translation:

Rent-open raspberries
Soft supple honeycomb armor
Slab-serif distraction: keep the outside world out of this!

With which I’ll coat my hunger;
enzymatic poly-splendor
awash with anything besides just water?

Dotted notches, just another discovered
Laid out in planes, just so convenient
ready to accept nearly any blunder

So I’ll live in my plot within a plot
so humbly humbly adjusting adjusting
Learning the limits of focal-length isms
Some more prismatic than others

[End scene with an unfinished yawn]