Impostor syndrome relapse

Welp, I’m back on the job hunt, and am self-diagnosing myself with a strong case of Impostor Syndrome. This is something I’ve grappled with before, but is exacerbated by being out of the web-development game for so long (~8 months). I’ve worked on a few pet projects here and there since leaving my last position, but that world moves so fast that keeping up—even when in the thick of it—is difficult.

I’m hoping to rectify the situation by doing some deep dives and focused learning, as well as reviewing past work and material. I know there are a lot of roles out there I could fill and succeed in even in my rusty current state, but I don’t want to be merely adequate; I want to excel. I’m also branching out and learning Swift + iOS 8, and finally getting around to playing around with Python to complement my Ruby knowledge. My current core skill-set of Javascript+CSS+HTML is strong, but there are certainly changes that are fresh that I haven’t dug into yet.

While this is a mainly dormant blog, if anyone is curious, here is my LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn itself is fairly fallow in some respects, but my profile is there, complete, and current.

Yogic direction

Excited to announce that I’ve entered into a 200-hour immersive yoga teacher training program at Yoga Garden San Francisco that takes place mostly throughout October!

While my immediate goal is not to teach, this will help set me on that path if/when I’m ready. The primary goal for me, then, is to deepen the physical practice while learning yogic philosophy, anatomy, meditation and breath work.

Yoga, in the small and sometimes medium doses I’ve experienced it, has, in my opinion, made me a better person; I’m curious to see who comes out the other side of immersion.