meme-mnemonic-tautology hybrid

This example of a meme-mnemonic-tautology hybrid materialized into my head while falling asleep the other night:

“I ate all the snacks therefore all the snacks were eaten by me.”

Simple grammar yet so often wrongly used—the more mnemonics for such things, the better. This one is specifically good for remembering the personal pronoun form as contingent upon whether said form is the subject or the object in the construct.

Hear Hear

Hey linguistically-inclined people, question: Is there a term for when a word is followed by the same exact word in a sentence, whether it’s of a different usage or not? For example: “I thought that that shoe was boring,” or “I like to ramble on on all sorts of subjects.” I’ve found that I’ve been increasingly doing said behavior, and I need a label for the categorization and completionist fetishes.

Feel free to provide any elite examples of your own in the comments; there are a lot of these, and we must hunt them for posterity’s sake.

– D

P.S. “He told her her style was Herculean.” (Sorry, I had to.)