Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

[edit: MATES has since changed their broadcasting, so their Soundcloud page no longer has the entire archive of shows, hence my embed links below will not work. still, you can find those episodes here]

If you know me—like, really know me, you know that I unashamedly love both snacks and the act—nay, the ART—of snacking. There are many philosophical reasons for this behavior of mine, but there are also the practical reasons: it’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s necessary. A snack is a friend, a travel companion, and a snack. Eat them.

Thankfully, we have two veterans of the snack game to pick, eat, discuss, and rate the world’s catalog of snacks: Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh. If you need a break from your political podcasts, your grinding newscasts, your lesson-casts for things that you know are never going to stick, or your podcasts about podcasts (metacasts), then go to their iTunes page or their Soundcloud page for delectable bits of empirical importance.

While no snack is safe from their scrupulous advances, bear in mind that neither is any tangent; these two will spin off into anecdotes, whiplashing you handily with their wit whilst displaying a rapport that only two old friends have earned. They also fight a lot.

Here are a few select cuts from MATES:

Ep 19 – York Peppermint Pattie by Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

Ep 11 – Snickers by Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

Ep 3 – Slim Jims by Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

funny vids grab bag

I don’t scour YouTube for funny videos these days, but I try to use the favorites list to keep some memorable vids around for clutch moments when the Internet is the primary focus for active distraction, especially when there is full-on participatory dueling VJs where you n’ your friends take turns queuing up digital laugh medicine. Here are a few of my favorites. Most are probably pretty old and well worn by now, but think of it as a retrospective of Dominick’s humour* portrayed in an Internet list manifestation.**

(assume that some or all of these are NSFW. depending where you work, obv.)

this is pretty much accurate:

colbert is one of my faves. watch him talk circles around Papa Bear:


no words. if you have 10 minutes to spare, this will teach you a lot about life:

have a good telecommute. make some bread,

– Dom

* I like to qualify things beyond any doubt.

** British people are funny. British guy Hume was seriously awesome.