Blends 8 + 9

After a bit of a break, I started to pool and sift through my photographs once again with the aim of creating some new blends, some new mixes, some new tasty treats. The aim, as usual, was to bring about some textures, some colors, some forms that would never see the light of day otherwise.

Though I do do this out of my own love, I put in a little extra effort because so many of my friends and family express their mutual pleasure. So thanks to your continued support and encouragement! One day I hope to balance the medium of output over to prints, even large-scale ones, with much of the same techniques.











The large majority of these are from a visit to Portland earlier this year, documented here.

Some of the others are from culled from here and here.

Some previous Blends: here, here, and here.

I tend to offer a quick note about how I create these, as at its core it’s fairly simple: choose two or three photographs, and adjust the algorithm (via Photoshop, usually) that determines how their pixel values mash together. The hard part is the painstaking trial and error, the perfectionist drive within me to accept those that truly jump out at me, and the choosing of which to keep and which to toss. On average, the ones I choose to display are about 30% of the total items that I created per batch.